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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Bible and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Throughout my four-plus decades as a born again Christian, I have read a lot of books and articles concerning the Baptism of/with/in the Holy Spirit. There are a lot of opinions out there! Of course, the text most qualified to address the issue is the Holy Bible, but folks sometimes differ on what they believe the Bible is saying. The following are a list of “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ’s):

1. Is the in-filling of the Holy Spirit, also called the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, intended for today?
2. Can anyone have this gift, regardless of denominational affiliation?
3. Is there anything I must do to prepare for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?
4. How will I know when I have been filled with the Holy Spirit?
5. Is speaking with other Tongues the evidence of the in-filling/Baptism of the Holy Spirit?
6. I’ve heard that sometimes people don’t receive the gift of the in-filling of the Holy Spirit when they pray. Why is that?

These FAQ’s (and others) are addressed in an excellent article entitled “What the Bible Says on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.” It was one in a long line of Google finds, though not at the top of the list. I have never met the author nor have I ever had the opportunity to worship at his church. However, this article is the best of the myriads of books and articles I have read on the subject over the decades. His explanations are Biblical and accurately represent my own beliefs. Rather than to duplicate the information, I will direct you to his well-written work. Just click the link below:

This should answer any questions you might have on the subject. If you are just joining the posts concerning the Holy Spirit and my own experience, you might like to get caught up by reading the following posts:

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Feel free to let me know of your own experiences; I’d love to know!

****Clerical Conflict/Consequences: Father Murphy… Next Post

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