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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Story Week 3, Mischief Makers

Today’s post is the sixth, and final, in this Story Week. The stories are all from the writers’ “Advanced” Category and were entered in the Faith Writers Weekly Writing Challenge. Each week a topic is posted and writers have one week to come up with an article, story or poem that has no more than 750 words. Click on Faith Writers and check out the writers group, as well as how you might enter a story in the challenge.

The following story was written by a friend of mine, Pam Ford Davis, who entered it in the challenge under the topic ”Savory to the Taste.” Pam and her husband, Norm, worked for a season in a children’s home, from which came the following story. Pam has been a guest blogger in the past. Her article, “Cinderella’s Coach”, continues to be among the list of ten most popular posts. Pam has written a terrific devotional book entitled “Forget-Me-Nots,” and maintains several blog sites. You’ll find her links at the bottom of this story.

Mischief Makers

“Where’s the camera? Their parents will love this!” My five 12-18 month, “mischief-makers” at Harbor Learning Academy loved spaghetti days! I cringed, as I thought of the mess I’d be cleaning up later.

Their faces resembled Indians, painted for a war party. Not yet adept with spoons and forks, they fed themselves with their fingers. Delighted by the taste of sweet spaghetti sauce, they crammed in slimy noodles and silenced rumbling of empty tummies.

Not a routine lunchtime, as we were celebrating a birthday of a member of the class… Noah’s mom had brought tantalizing chocolate cupcakes for the entire room. I cleared away plates of leftover spaghetti and placed a cupcake in front of each excited classmate.

No word adequately describes a child experiencing the sugar rush of chocolate. Hyperactivity and pleasure collided and the results were not pretty. After getting their fill of the tasty treat, my children unleashed latent creativity.

Nimble fingers of Thomas, Noah, Grayson and Kayden searched out sticky tomato drenched spaghetti noodles, chocolate cake crumbs and frosting. With fanfare, they inaugurated finger-painting festivities. Instinctively knowing, I could tend to only one child at a time, they partied!

Mischievous boys, and one outnumbered girl, smeared entree and dessert across the mural tabletop. I glared at the aftereffects of Picasso-like hand-prints. Intermittently, they tasted the tomato and chocolate concoction, savoring the spaghetti and celebrating with chocolate!

Nothing short of miraculous, I succeeded in cleaning caked spaghetti and chocolate from the table, and off each child. I changed their diapers, and got them in their cribs for nap-time. The ambiance of soft music filled the room, and I savored my solitude!

*Authors note: Creative non-fiction

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  1. Loved this the first time, and even more the second time. Thanks for sharing this on your site...Pam is a fantastic and gifted writer. God bless you both~