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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In Front of the Curtain II

If you are new to this blog, you missed In Front of the Curtain where this concept of the curtain is explained. The post came at the point of transitioning from Part I: Early Childhood to Part II: Tweens and Teens. Additional information was shared, in case you are interested in checking that link. Basically, the reference to the curtain is to a production where a major scene change is needed. The curtain is drawn to hide the running around and shifting of the set on stage, while someone steps forward to address the audience. Sometimes it is to add tidbits of information to clarify what the audience has seen thus far. At other times, it is to provide a summary, in case a participant may have dozed off only to discover he could not pick up the thread once his eyes were open again. So, here I am; back in front of the curtain.

If you have not yet read the Welcome to this blog, you may not be aware that this blog is a journey. The stories are true accounts from my own life, organized by decades, but not necessarily chronological within the decade. I wanted to look back over my life and see just where God was. The Bible says that He knew me before I even took a breath so I wanted to find Him in those years that have already passed. It was my joy to discover He was there and just how God influenced my life, well before I could earn the dime that my mother gave me to drop in the Sunday School collection plate.

Part I: Early Childhood recounted the life of Sojourner, 0-9 years. It began on October 9, 2011 with the post entitled How Old is Old Enough, describing the prayer challenge of a seven-year-old Sojourner. Then Sojourner’s experience in the hospital at age five, When God Just Doesn’t Seem To Be Enough. Stepping a bit farther back, Sojourner glimpses the Heavenly Father through her own Daddy at age three years, An Early Glimpse of the Father. The rest of Part I shares many adventures of a young child, including friendships, elementary school challenges, business ventures,  and just about everything else I could remember from those earliest years. God was in all of them, teaching me, protecting me and enjoying the journey with me. (Often the story takes more than one post to complete so these titles are only the beginning, in most cases, but they will get you to where you can begin.)

Part II: Tweens and Teens is the decade of the journey just closing, age ten to nineteen years. The stories began February 7, 2012, Tweens/Teens and God and Me. Lots of changes and adventures from junior high school, through senior high school and into the first two years of university. You very well might find your own story there! While God, certainly, did make us all unique, this age group has a lot of things in common, not least of which is the struggle for independence, while earnestly seeking to fit in with everyone. 

Part II begins with painful change, End of Decade (EOD) Transitions: Friendships and parental conflict End of Decade (EOD) Transitions: Attire. There’s a lot to learn where sports is concerned but a lot is learned off the court, too. Check out these in the junior high years, Lessons off the Court and later in Lessons Off the Court: Senior High. Then a few stories of milestones in this special decade: Adolescent Milestone: Dating, Adolescent Milestones: Employment; Adolescent milestones: First Drivers License. Check out Nuggets from High School for a few stories that involve teachers and the school guidance counselor. No doubt you have stories of your own. I’d love to read them; send me an email, if you don’t want to share in the comments for the blog.

During the Early Childhood years I was very close to God, as young children often are. However, during the Tweens and Teens, I was just too busy for God; fortunately, He wasn’t too busy for me! I had a friend who was always trying to interest me in joining him at the Baptist Youth Fellowship times and, truly, I do think he was concerned that I come to know Jesus as my personal Savior. I always shooed him off and refused his requests, figuring he was a religious nut and I was just not interested in making time for God. I was young and busy; who needed God, right? How grateful I am that God didn’t take my rejection and dump me the way I dumped Him. No, the loving Father God understood that there was a time coming when I would not reject Him, too busy or not. He was patiently wooing me. That wonderful time came less than two weeks into the decade of my twenties.

Part III: Young Adulthood records some of the happenings from twenty –twenty-nine years of age. Yes, I am aware that the current trend is to designate a child from the ages of twelve through seventeen, a young adult, but I don’t agree with that. I think these are such important years of transition for kids that they shouldn’t be tagged as adults of any classification, young or otherwise. They are not adults, they are kids. I believe in letting the kids grow up the way God intended, with all the struggling of a butterfly still in the cocoon. When we let the butterfly struggle to free himself, he is strong and ready for the life of an adult butterfly. If we try to speed up the process, he is weak and will not survive. So, my own little protest is in not referring to those adolescent years as young adult. Thank you for your understanding!

Part III marks such a drastic transition in my thinking and in my life that I would have to say that it formed the thickest layer to the foundation of my adult years. Rather like cement that oozed through the first two decades and solidified every part of my younger years that held a memory of God’s care. So many adventures, so many changes. I, truly, hope that you will take a minute to reflect on your own growing up years. Ask God to show you just where He was, if it isn’t obvious to you, dear Reader. As you read through these new adventures, may God reveal to you the exact memories He wants you to recall so that you will see His hand has been on your own life. God is no respecter of persons, no special generation or culture will miss His touch. No, God is everywhere and always has been!

****Leaving the Teens and on to Young Adult life!

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