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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Will God Rescue Anyone in Need?

Benny and I were, most definitely, in a crisis that would need God’s deliverance; there was no other way to survive. (If you missed that post, you can find it under, Benny’s Crisis, God’s Deliverance.) “But, God isn’t there every time for every one or we wouldn’t need hospitals and funeral homes, right?” you say. “Guess He was over in America saving you when I needed Him to be with me on that autobahn in Germany,” you suggest.

Remember… He is ALWAYS there and has ALL power to help, having ALL knowledge of the situation. Is He obliged to help everyone? Nope, that’s where the superlatives end. Just as we only have obligation to provide for our own child, though we do sometimes include the neighbor kids in that outing to the ice cream stand, God’s promises and provisions are only for the children who call Him Father. If you’re not one, you can be! Adoption into God’s family is a free gift.

Yes, God does, sometimes, help folks who do not call Him Father, in much the same way as the neighbor lady will clean up a scraped knee and even put a Band-Aid on it, but it is voluntary; she’s under no obligation to help a neighbor child who falls off his bike. “So, are you saying God is obliged to help me if I’ve given my life to Him, Sojourner?”

Most definitely, God has obligated Himself to deliver His children from harm and has even written it in His Word. For today, the issue is not really what form His deliverance from harm might take for each child; but, rather, who does He consider His children to be. We will get to the other issue, in time, but for now let’s focus on what God says about who His kids are, shall we? If we are not amongst that number, the form of deliverance from harm doesn’t matter, does it? Quite simply, God hasn’t guaranteed it will be there.

When we were born into this world, we experienced a physical birth and our earthly parents were responsible for caring for us. There are sometimes sad circumstances that make it necessary for another responsible adult to fill that role, but someone does or the baby will die. In the same way, it is necessary for a person to be born a second time, but this time it is a spiritual birth, which is often called being “born again.”

We had no choice or involvement in our first birth; but it is all up to us for that spiritual birth… no one can make that choice for us. We can also choose not to be born spiritually into the Light and face an eternal life in darkness and pain.

“Say what? Hey, not me, I’m just plannin’ to stay in that ground and rest while those Bible-thumpers are up there strummin’ some harp,” you say? Well, you can make your plans but that’s not how it works. Everyone will spend eternity somewhere other than the ground. When we die, the spirit that gave us life, leaves that shell of skin and bones and spends eternity somewhere. Just where depends on the choice the person made.

This was a question that people had even in the time of Jesus. They wondered who could be saved from an eternity of pain and suffering in the fires of hell and Jesus told them there was only one way… “You must be born again.” Born into the Family of God, where there are no foster parents or grandparents to do the job for the newborn baby because none will ever be needed. Father God will always do the job perfectly; no  one will ever pull the child away from Him.

Some tried to buy their way in but it didn’t work because Jesus had already paid the price for everyone. The ticket through the doors into eternal life is right there waiting to be claimed by anyone who wants it. But, the really good news is that it is also very possible to claim the ticket before one dies to enjoy that place in God’s family throughout the entire sojourn on this planet. One need not wait until they are ready to walk through those Heavenly gates to use the benefits of the ticket. In fact, it is advisable that we not wait but collect the ticket as early in life as possible. Then, we have the help needed to make it through the difficult sojourn on earth. God never planned for us to walk alone.

“And, if I want to get one of these tickets, Sojourner… what would I need to do? I don’t really know any preachers off the top of my head.” No problem. This is all you need to do:

First, take a deep breath and set your mind to the seriousness of what you are about to do. Don’t enter into this lightly because God sees you right where you are and He is, definitely, taking this seriously.

Next, take a quick trip through your own memory lane and pull out those files in your mind that you wouldn’t like to have anyone else read, especially God. (Hey, don’t take time to read them now; you already know what’s there and you need to keep moving.)

Next, mentally bundle the whole lot of them into a pile and tie them up with a scarlet cord. Now, hold the tied bundle up to Jesus and let go of it as he takes it into His own hands. It is gone; it is finished. Jesus has it and He won’t be holding it out for you to take back.

Next, tell Jesus you are sorry for all of the things contained in those files and anything else that you might have not found but could turn up later. Tell Him you want to live for Him and ask Him to forgive you of all of the things you have done, every word you have said and every thought you have entertained that hurt Jesus.

Next, ask Jesus to come into your heart, fill you with His Holy Spirit and help you to live your life in a way that pleases Him.

Dear Reader, when you say that final “Amen”, which means “Hey, I did this and it is finished!”, it is finished and your new life is just beginning. You are now a part of the Family of God. Welcome to the family!  You now hold that ticket in your spiritual hand. (If you want something more concrete, why not make a ticket and carry it in your wallet or pocket. Put the date on a small piece of paper and write your name, followed by “Child in the Family of God” after your name. Example: August 4, 2012 Sojourner, Child in the Family of God.)

Lastly, find someone to tell you have just done this. If you don’t really have a person in your circle of acquaintances whose life demonstrates that they follow Jesus, you can go to the Yellow Pages. No, I’m not kidding. When I was in a new place, I went there to find a church I wanted to go to. I started with the top of the page and went down the list. The first place was having their last meeting the very Sunday I went, the next place didn’t seem very friendly to me and the third place, well… Bingo! That was the place. Friendly, had a pastor who used the Bible to preach his sermons and people prayed, too. I even went to the Tuesday Bible Study and met some really nice people. I would suggest that you ask God to show you the place He wants you to go; then go there and talk to the pastor or youth pastor, if you are a young person. These folks are your brothers and sisters. They will help you get to know God better. Many times they will also help you get a Bible, if you don’t have one already.

I do realize that there are folks reading this blog who live in many other countries of the world so may not have “Yellow Pages” or any churches nearby to help them. Many are also living in countries where their brothers and sisters are worshipping in hidden places. Through the internet, you can still find brothers and sisters who will help you right where you are now. There are so many web addresses and so many churches. One I like to check out for good sermons and information has a really international flavor to it. You might like to connect with them.

You can also read the Bible, online, or print out pages, with a lot of different English language versions of the Bible at this site:

So, now you know the answer to the question: Will God rescue anyone in need? If you are a child in the Family of God, your cry for help will be heard by Him, the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God. It’s not my promise to you, it’s God’s promise to you!

****Have a good weekend!

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  1. I shared this on facebook with my comment heading "Someone TO Watch Over You..."
    Yes, we have searched for churches in the Yellow Pages! Yes, I know the date when I was born again! October 22, 1967!
    Thanks, Danny!
    Wing His Words,