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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Does God Really Care? Part II

YES, God, most definitely, cares if you have a job. Be it a summer job that will help you pay tuition and other expenses for the next school term, or a permanent job to help you feed yourself and your family. God really does care! After all, it is God Who made the rules Paul wrote about in the New Testament:

“For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.” (II. Thess.3:10)  

And what about this one: … for the worker deserves his wages.” (Luke 10: 7)

So God not only expects us to work but to get paid for it, one way or the other. Perhaps, the work is in exchange for food or rent or some other material/service we need. It need not be cash. But, if God expects us to work, then I am confident God will help us find a job. Yes, even in this economy. No where in the Bible is it written that “He who does not work, does not eat; unless, of course, he can’t find just the right job or unless the job is not a permanent one or unless the job is below his training, etc., etc.” God will provide what it is He wants us to be doing to earn what we need. He has His reasons if that job is behind the counter of a fast food restaurant instead of behind the lectern at a university, or in the manager’s chair of some company. Perhaps, God has something else to teach us while He provides for us.

If you look back at Sojourner’s experience with finding a summer job (Posted last week under Summer Jobs 1), you may find more lessons than these between the lines, but here are a few:

1. Don’t be too impressed with yourself; be realistic. While Sojourner had the blessing of spending a year in university study with the expectation of a second year to follow the summer months, her assessment of what she should be able to grab for a summer job was way above what her qualifications/training would merit. Be assured, God is not all that impressed with our academic successes. He often has another agenda when helping us.

2. Do your homework. Sojourner just took her auntie’s word for it that jobs abounded in Spokane, without checking out what exactly that meant. We did not have computers or the internet in those days, but it was possible to look at the newspapers of other cities by visiting the university’s library. She just never gave it a thought, because she wanted to spend the summer in Spokane. When the classified ads didn’t seem to be going anywhere, she jumped at the chance to go to an employment agency. Sojourner had no idea how an employment agency worked and didn’t bother to find out before walking through the front door. When that netted no job, she was right back with the classified ads anyway… this time willing to take any job at all, nevermind the status of the employment! Okay, now God could move in to show her a job. Humility is a lesson that God counts more important than any other, it seems.

3. Don’t take anything for granted. Sojourner was fairly sliding through each day at the humdrum job of preparing sterile glove packets and not a clue there was a clock ticking on the project. What a shock to lose the job because they worked too fast and it was finished!

4. God has plans we can’t see; just do the next step. Sojourner learned the basics from her auntie, Nurse Mary, with only one thing in mind: get a summer job anywhere, period. However, God had other plans. Though the first job she had a chance to use those new skills ended quite traumatically, the skills went on to get her one job after another. In fact, it was with those very skills, and others added by on-the-job learning, that provided employment for summer jobs and even school breaks throughout the rest of her university days. In addition, Sojourner found that she rather enjoyed working with patients in the field of nursing. Therefore, it was not surprising that she became a registered nurse in the course of her academic training. Her desire for some measure of diagnosis and treatment, which had originally led her to complete a BA degree in Pre Medical Sciences, was blended nicely into the final advanced degree. Sojourner now cares for children’s medical needs as a pediatric nurse practitioner. God had a plan that extended far past the summer of 1968.

Summer job is not the problem, it’s a permanent job? We will address that issue in the next post.

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