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Monday, July 9, 2012

Does Religious Freedom Nullify Other Human Rights?

Religious freedom was the very reason that the first pilgrims left the comforts and safety of their known world in Europe to journey to a new and undeveloped land. At that time, the main thought was not to be subjected to a government that would tell the Christians how to worship God and just who could read the Bible. It was a hard-fought privilege, costing many lives through war, sickness, and even starvation. But, at last, the freedom was theirs and an independent nation was born. Great, well, Sojourner, you already gave us the scoop on that last Wednesday, the “Fourth of July” What’s the Big Deal?” or don’t you remember? Right you are, dear Reader! And, since that very post I have been asking myself, what does that mean, really? Are we willing to have just any religion practice, unrestricted? What if the practice breaks some of our criminal laws, for example? Do we just say, well it is the way they worship God so our constitution can’t deny them that right. Because of the vast differences found in the practice of Islam and Christianity, not to mention the rapid spread of Islam around the world, I just wondered.

Then, yesterday, I listened to a message presented to a large church in the States that helped me sort it out a bit. The speaker presented in that church a year ago but, through their online archives, we could listen to it yesterday. Lt. General William Boykin has retired from the U.S. Army now and, in fact, has even recently earned credentials as an ordained minister. A Lt. General has three stars on his shoulder, in case that isn’t familiar to you. He was employed for several decades in the Army and had an extremely distinguished service career. He was the head of the Army’s elite “Delta Force” and, in fact, he was the man commanding the disastrous mission in Somalia that ended up in a well-known book and film of the same name, Black Hawk Down. Lt. General Boykin had been, and still is, in a key position to understand the situation with the Islamic cause. He is interested in getting the word out to others so that we’ll not be ignorant of what’s really happening.

Lt. General Boykin said that once our children’s textbooks were published by nine different companies; but, now, there are only two producing the material our children will be learning in school. Both of these companies are owned by Moslems. Currently the history textbooks being read by our public school children have 82 references to Islam and only 2 references to Christianity. In addition, the books for the fourth and fifth grade students don’t even include the name “Americans” in the text. Instead, the Americans are called “global citizens.” By the time they are in the seventh and eighth grades the history series does not give them any examples of how much the United States of America has helped others over the course of history but only the destruction that America has wrought on the world. What? Well, where are the editors of these textbooks? Two of the people who edit these very textbooks had been on trial for terrorism years ago. A technicality got the trial tossed out. On leaving the courtroom, one of the two gave this statement to the waiting reporters: “Guilty as Hell, free as a bird. You just got to love America.”

In Europe Islam is spreading so fast that by the mid-point of this century it will be an Islamic continent. The birth rate for the Europeans is around 1.3 while the Muslims living there is around 5.8… do the math. In England, only 10% of the population says that they attend church, while mosques are springing up all over the land. (I had already learned from the BBC that there are now more mosques in England than churches. In fact, there is an entire region in the country where the Muslims are allowed to practice the Islamic Sharia law, rather than the laws of England. I very recently heard a broadcast that said the important French port city of Marseilles is a Moslem city now.)

Getting back to American shores, there’s been a controversy about the building of a mosque at Ground Zero, the site of the 9-11 unthinkable tragedy perpetrated upon innocent citizens of many nations working that day at the World Trade Center in New York. In the interest of tolerance and a show of solidarity with all people of the world, the present administration sees no problem with letting the very group who killed all of those people, as well as the others who died that day in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., erect an Islamic Centre there.

In an interview with “Conservative News”, Lt. General Boykin responded to the newsman’s question about the construction of the mosque at Ground Zero:

I am so disappointed. I’m also angry that there are those who are so uninformed and intimidated by these people that they are willing to allow this. We need to remember that Islam is not a religion, but a totalitarian way of life with a religious component. Yet we protect the entire thing under the first amendment. Stop and think about it. Islam is a legal system, a political system, a financial system, a dress code, a moral code, and a social structure, yet we protect it as a First Amendment issue. That’s our fundamental mistake. The second thing is, people have no understanding of Islam’s
history or its basic tenets.

Islam’s objective in America is to replace our Constitution with Sharia law.

When they defeated the nomadic tribes in Mecca, they built a mosque at the most holy site. The message was one of triumph that Islam has now defeated you and Islam reigns supreme. They did the same thing at Córdoba [Spain]. They did it in Jerusalem. Same in Constantinople. The message was always one of conquest and victory.

Now, ‘ground zero’ is not holy, but it is sacred because of the lives lost. They want to build a mosque there to proclaim that Islam reigns supreme. Do you know what that is going to mean to Muslims all over the world?

The recruiting to the Jihadist cause will be exponentially increased as a result of the very symbol — the very message — associated with that mosque there. It is incomprehensible to me. It was supported by Christian pastors and Jewish rabbis in this thing they call an interfaith dialogue. It shows such an extraordinary lack of understanding for what Islam is doing.”

This helped me understand why it isn’t right to just allow the Moslems to do whatever they wanted to do “in the name of religious freedom.” Religion is only one part of Islam, yet we are being told to accept them because of the First Amendment right for them to worship as they wish. That amendment did not give them the right to cut off the hand of a thief, instead of holding a fair trial with a judge and jury of his peers. It didn’t give them the right to forbid girls to go to school or learn to drive a car. It didn’t give them the right to beat their wives, and, in fact encourage them to do so if they disagreed with the husband’s opinion. The First Amendment did not give people the right to dictate what a girl or woman could and couldn’t wear. The First Amendment did not give a girl’s father the right to have her genitals mutilated in order to keep her from experiencing any pleasure with sexual relationships. When looking at the total picture of what it means for a girl-child to be born into a Muslim family, what American citizen would agree that it is within the rights of her father to treat her in this way because of our First Amendment? Yet, to allow unrestricted religious freedom, is to allow these and many other gruesome practices because it is all a part of the Islamic religion.

On that gut-wrenching “Black Hawk Down” day in Somalia when L. General Boykin helped evacuate 15 bodies and 72 wounded soldiers from his own command, he said the blood ran like water the moment he released the tailgate of the transport truck where the bodies and wounded had been stacked for transport to the plane. He was so overcome with grief that he sat on his bunk and spoke his anger at God for such a thing. In fact, he said that there is no God. At the moment he said that a quiet voice whispered in his own spirit, “If there is no God, then there is no hope.”

Realizing the truth of this and the error of his own pronouncement, Boykin repented. He said that at the very instant that he was sorry for what he had said, he felt the forgiveness of the Lord.

Truly, dear Reader, without God there is no hope. The good news is that God is, indeed, living and we do have hope! Stand up for what our forefathers fought and died for, America! And Christians around the world, stand up for God’s truth and His freedom! God is on our side; we will win in the end!

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