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Friday, May 11, 2012

Cinderella's Coach

     It is that fanciful time of the year when young people are dressing up in real finery, renting limos and heading for some special Ball or other. Every Saturday night from late April through May is a magical extravaganza for some school or club somewhere in the United States of America. Perhaps, this Saturday is your night? If not, then, maybe it is the anniversary of your Senior Ball and you are re-living the event of decades earlier, while trying to smooth down those few remaining hairs on the top of your head.

     I recently read a friend’s account of her first ballroom experience, at the ripe old age of 12. I loved it and thought it an appropriate post for this Friday. Enjoy and, for those of you who have lived one such event already…time to reminisce!

Cinderella's Coach

by Pam Ford Davis
Do you enjoy fairy tales, "Once upon a time” and “happily ever after?" At the age of only
twelve, I stepped into the door of Cinderella's coach. Listen to my true story….

I started seventh grade with excitement of being promoted to Junior High. It seems I had a secret admirer in the eighth grade. He had noticed me before summer vacation, when our class visited the school. With creativeness, he obtained my phone number from my schoolteacher, gave me a call, and revealed his interest in me. I had stars in my eyes and a lump in my throat! He explained his method of introducing himself; he would speak to me in the hallway between classes. Seeing his sparkling eyes, hearing his warm hello, stole this young girls' heart!

A crush, young love, or puppy love all describes our first taste of romance. It held many surprises for me. He was not actually “Prince Charming,” but he came close. He and his brother had attended a military school, and I had a wallet picture of him in his dashing uniform. He invited me to my first "boy-girl" party and I wore a pretty dress for the special occasion. The garage floor became a palace ballroom and my happiness continued to grow.

His family held a membership in a Yacht Club. Their club hosted a dinner dance for the young people at Syracuse University. He asked me to be his date! Preparations had me as excited as Cinderella and her playful mice. I wore a light blue taffeta dress as my gown. My mother styled my hair and applied my first touch of makeup, sparingly dabbing Vaseline on my eyelids. Light pink beginner’s lipstick made a finishing touch.

My date arrived and escorted me to our coach, his father’s Corvette! I rode in style, sitting on his lap in the two-seat vehicle, trying not to mess up my dress. The decorated room for the dance equaled any fancy club, circular small tables, draped with white cloths and candle light illumination. An orchestra played and I lived in the make believe land of a princess.

The night ended and our coach made the return trip to my country home. No, I did not leave a glass slipper behind and there were no wicked stepsisters. I just hold a memory that has lasted nearly fifty years. The End.

****Have a great weekend and fun time at the Ball, if yours is slated for Saturday, May 12.

Another special event happening Saturday, May 12 … the birthday of the author of this delightful guest post, Pam Ford Davis!


  1. I'm delighted to have my true story shared on your blog. Thanks Dannie. Your mentioning my birthday feels like a cyberspace hug!

    Wing His Words!

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