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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Info on Story Break

     Next week is Holy Week, the time between Palm Sunday and Easter. I will be taking a bit of a blogging break during the week but don’t want to leave you without something to read (wink). So, each day I will post one of the stories I have published in Faith Writers this past quarter. Faith Writers is an online writers group of people who enjoy writing from points all over the globe.

    Each week Faith Writers holds a “Writing Challenge” competition for their members. A one-word topic is posted and the writers have one week in which to write and post an original article of not more than 750 words. (Yes, you are right; the word count is my biggest challenge of the contest!) Their members are grouped into four categories, related to writing skill/experience. I began in the “Beginners” category at the end of January, moved to the “Intermediate” category in February and will be in the “Advanced” category when the challenge recommences April 5th. Changing categories is dependent on having a first place win in the present category, with the exception of the Advanced category. To move into the final, Masters category, one must have three wins! There are so many great writers in that category, I may grow really old before I can move on!

     On the bottom of each story, I have indicated the topic or theme for the week, the category I was in at the time and if the story was ranked in the top 5 of the entries for that category. All of the stories are true anecdotes but I sometimes failed to indicate that at the end of the story.

     I hope that you will enjoy reading the stories! Have a wonderful Easter season!

****The Yellow Tie… Coming Monday

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