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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two Principles of Godly Business

     The Bible makes it clear that as long as the law does not conflict with the Scriptures, we are to obey the laws of the land. Often we have heard “Ignorance is no excuse” when a defendant protests that he just did not know what he did was against the law. Doesn’t matter; he is expected to know beforehand what the law says so that he won’t break it. This is so true in business that entire corporations have been formed to advise even us common folk, as well as those corporate executives, ahead of any business decisions to keep us all out of the pokey.
     Yes, there are also lawyers who are hired at exorbitant rates because they are well-known for finding the loopholes in the law but one must ask, “What would God want us to be doing in this case?” There is no point to find a loophole that will tie God’s hands when we ask for His blessing on our company or new venture.
     Sojourner learned this “check before you act” principle at an early age! If you missed that account, you can read about it in Marketing 101. (It should be noted here that, while Tommy was the “wrench in the works” for this episode, he was not always the bad guy in Sojourner’s young life. In fact, it was Tommy who first taught Sojourner to dance in the living room of his family home. He was wearing a coon skin cap and the dance music was “Davey Crockett” so you know it had to be quite a sight to see, eh? Tommy was a year older and taller than Sojourner; but, both being in the single digits, romance did not enter the equation in the slightest. “Davey, Davey Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier”—are you hearing that melody and seeing those little kids try to waltz?)

     Marketing 101
     Secondly, though it is the Number One Principle, “whatever we do, we should do our work to the very best of our ability… with all of our heart and strength. We should do our work for the Lord and not for man/paycheck.” (See Colossians 3) Whether we own the business or work in the mailroom; whether our collar is white or blue—whatever we do, do it as well as possible and with a good attitude because, if we are surrendered to the Lord, He is watching. He is not guarding us like some kind of a jailer; but, rather, He has promised to keep His eyes upon us in case we need His help. There is no greater joy than to feel His pleasure and no greater sorrow than to feel His displeasure at what He sees when He watches us in the work place. Whatever the salary may be—whether it is sufficient or well-below what we think we should receive—the smile on the Father’s face is worth more gold than Midas ever had. There is nothing that can compare!
     God gave little Sojourner an opportunity to not only learn, but to put into practice, this principle at the start of her very first business venture. If you missed that episode, you can read it by going to these links:

     Snow Business

     I will hasten to add here, dear Reader, God is not out to condemn you for those days at work when you are just not as strong or capable as at other times. He understands that things come into our lives that cause variables in our performance/production. He will never scowl at you and remind you that you worked a lot harder the day before or that you don’t work nearly as hard as so and so. He only wants your best and, for me, that is not always the same each day as far as can be recorded or measured. I can only say that, truly, it is the best I could do on that day. That is enough for the Father!

****Are there any examples from your own childhood where you were exposed to this principle?

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