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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tweens/Teens and God and Me

     One other change began about this time and it was so subtle that I really didn’t notice it, at first. I just did not have as much time for God in my life. I had so many other things to think about and stuff to do every day that, well, I just didn’t think much about God. I did go to church sometimes but not all the time as I had when I was younger. Most of my memories of conversations with God were centered on the crisis communication, not relationship with Him. When I was a little kid, I talked with God all the time. I told Him about new bugs I had discovered or a flower that had lost its head in the windstorm that had just passed. I told God about my father needing to go away to some Army camp and asked God to watch over him and us until he was back at home. I enjoyed sharing my school papers that had smiley faces or a gold star on them because I just knew God would be proud of me, too. But, now that my age had two digits in it, I was a lot busier and it didn’t’ cross my mind to include God in the day-to-day affairs of my young life. No wonder God’s Word tells us that we need to be as little children in our relationship with Him. Bedtime was another matter, though, I still said my prayers before going to sleep so I had not really abandoned Him altogether. If someone had asked me, I would have said that “Of course, I believe in God” but, well, I didn’t give Him much time.
     The wonderful thing about God is that, while I was “too busy” for Him, He never gave up on me. God was still there watching over me and waiting for me to share my day with Him.
     One sermon illustration I heard made me think of this long ago time in my life:
     One day an elderly couple was traveling in their car, each one in position with the husband at the wheel and the wife in the passenger seat. The lady quipped to her husband, “Remember, dear, when we were younger how we used to sit so close to one another as we drove around from place to place. There was barely room for breathing.” The elderly man took his eyes off the road for just a second and gave her a smile. With a twinkle in his eye, he gave his tender reply.
     “Well, dear, I haven’t moved.”

     What about you, dear Reader? Are you still over there in the passenger seat? I moved back at age twenty and have enjoyed that closeness for nearly all of the forty-plus years that followed. There was a period of “bad company corrupts good morals” that lasted for seven months in my mid-twenties. Once those wild oats had been sown, I found I still had to carefully guard against letting the hectic pace of adult life rob me of my child-like times with Father God. It is not really enough to just remember Him at bedtime; or, when we are in crisis. He wants to share all of our day!

**** Sorry, this is late, the internet didn’t work yesterday.

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