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Friday, February 10, 2012

Tender Discipline, Conclusion

     The story told in Life 101: Truth detailed an account of five-year-old Sojourner learning the meaning of truth. Even if her deception did not seem to hurt anyone and, in fact, brought joy to her little classmates, deception was unacceptable. In this case, Father God used a very kind and Godly woman to care enough about Sojourner to gently seek a resolution of the issue. Sojourner had a choice to make and made the right one, to the great delight of the teacher. How precious of Father God to have this exact lady there for Sojourner. The teacher could have been someone who would make fun of Sojourner and the classmates would have laughed at her. She could have actually punished her in some way for lying about her birthday. So often adults either go overboard in the punishment to teach a child a lesson or, more commonly in today’s litigious world, don’t bother to confront any transgression; it is just someone else’s business, right? Don’t get involved. God saw the heart of little Sojourner and wanted to step in to teach her the lesson with his tender discipline; He knew just who could do that.
     The third example can be found in the post entitled Lessons from Fred: Do Your Own Work. This demonstration of God’s tender discipline is one that is often used in adult life, too. One might say it is the “First Rung” on the conviction of sin ladder. If the sin is repeated, then Father God will move to Step Two and things will only get worse from there in His attempt to bring us to repentance.
     In this account we read that no one at all knew of Sojourner’s transgression and no one need ever know, if she so chose. The consequences of her act were a personal disappointment and the lesson was learned without anyone’s intervention. It was just not a good idea to cheat. The gentle conviction and correction… just between God and Sojourner… was enough!
     What could God have chosen to do? For one thing, have the teacher look at her at just the time she was committing the violation. That would have upset her on a number of levels… not to mention the embarrassment of being singled out in front of the class. Sojourner would never have been able to concentrate on the other tests and the sick feeling in her guilty little tummy would have lasted more than that afternoon as kids never forget such things, you know. Teasing and being reminded by their taunts would have been very painful. No, God knew just what to do to achieve the resolution of the first time offense in a way that would not break Sojourner’s spirit and injure her self-esteem. How grateful I am for His tender discipline!

**** Can you think of a time God may have shown you His tender discipline?


  1. Dannie,

    What a beautiful website you have. I am in awe of your "experience" and how you served God as a medical missionary! God Bless you--that is some calling.

    Apparently that is not all you have been gifted with. I intend to purchase your book as are a phenomenal writer. The Lord has obviously had His hands on you for a long time.

    I will place this on my website for others to share as well. So glad to have met you. Continue to shine "your light" in Jesus' name. Amen.

    Peace and God's Love,


    Psalm 119:105 "Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path."

    1. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave such kind words! I appreciate meeting you and so enjoy your writing. Stay warm in CT.