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Monday, February 13, 2012

Once Again, The Father

     I am certain that God’s plan was that our earthly fathers would present to us our very first glimpse of Father God. Many times we hear people say that they could not be a good father because they, themselves, did not have a good example in their lives. Dear Reader, God knows that and is very willing to help you be the father you want to be for your children! My father had not been raised in a family with a strong positive image of a good and Godly father; yet, even without a role model to follow, he let his heart direct him. The result of that direction was that three little girls had a wonderfully involved father. He was human and made mistakes as we all do when raising children; but, to the three of us, he was the best God could have ever given us. He tried so hard to understand what was going on in the heart of a child.
     Last fall, I shared a series of stories that gave three examples of my earthly father’s caring, all of which reflected the kindness and wisdom of Father God. Clearly, God was teaching him to be the father he had never had. God helped Dad to understand what might be in our mind under various circumstances and how to help us through each situation.
     If you missed those accounts, you can check them out now in the archives:

     An Early Glimpse of the Father
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     Then read on to see what the Heavenly Father has to share through His Word.

When we look back on our lives, and ask God to show us His Hand in it all, we may find some examples of His involvement in our young lives through the kindness of others, if not our own father. Would you ask Him today to show you, to remind you of some specific incident in your childhood that shows you He put just the right person where you needed a special hand or heart? It is such a blessing to know that He was there all along!

****Will you be that example of Father God in the life of a child today?

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