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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In Front of the curtain

     Have you ever been to a theatre production of any kind … maybe in secondary school or university? When it is time for intermission or a scene change of major proportions, the curtain falls. Unless it is intermission when you are expected to return to the lobby and spend some cash on their refreshments, someone may step out in front of the curtain to speak with the audience. It could be a comedy routine to keep the audience’s laughing juices going until the production resumes. It may be to discuss what has happened thus far and get the audience’s take on the part of the play just finished or comment on the characters. Well, here I am in front of the curtain. We have just finished Part I of our Journey sharing, which could be labeled “The First Decade, Years 0-9 or more simply “Early Childhood.”. To be truthful, I guess, I would have to say that my memory only harkened back as far as age three; the earlier “memories” were not recorded here because they come from 16mm movie footage my father took for any and all occasions.
     What are you missing? If you are a friend of our family, absolutely nothing at all because you were already “invited” to view the little darlings on that film often enough during whatever length of time you were connected with our family. If you were not numbered amongst that group, you missed little Sojourner at age eight months minus five days in a high chair, near the Christmas tree—my first Christmas. This was the year I received my first little white KJV Bible from my paternal grandmother. It tasted funny but I kept it anyway. You would have seen my older sister in Mrs. W’s yard, all dressed up and wearing a pretty little bonnet. She was dancing in her special way. One foot appearing to be nailed to the ground, while the other rotated the body around the stationary limb with a lot of bouncing at the knees and humming going on. When she was tired of that direction, the other foot took a turn and she went the other way. Sometimes, not soon enough so there was that little stagger of dizziness before resuming the dance. Sojourner? Ah, well, I was only a few months old so likely hoping that this was not going to be expected of me any time soon, while admiring my big sister’s ability to hum and dance at the same time. Aren’t you sorry you missed those home movies? But I digress…
     If you read the “Welcome” at some point in the last four months, you know that this blog is all about a journey that I hope to share with you. “Share” is the operative word here so, please, feel free to share with me any of your experiences along your own journey or your thoughts on my journey posts. My email address is in the profile if you don’t want to comment here.
     This is a very special journey, not really a travel log or flat out reminiscing, though I do get a lot of that in, don’t I? The purpose is to understand God in my life, when He came to be a part of my life, what He has done in my life and how I reacted to his inclusion in my life. It is not about religion. There is little reference to denominational affiliation because I wanted to be sure that you felt welcome here. I believe that denominations is something we, the people of the Body of Christ, did to organize ourselves but that it has not much part in our journey to understand God, i.e. it was not God’s idea. There is nothing wrong with denominational affiliation and I have enjoyed mine over the years, but the journey to understand God is a personal one. We may see others along the way; and, if we are blessed, we may even spend a bit of time trekking together. But, in the end, when we have finished the journey and see God face-to-face, we stand alone.
     Reflections as far back as I can remember, have shown me just how early God let me realize fellowship with Him. This is why I have shared all the “kiddie stories” with you. Can you take a walk back down your own memory lane and recall early stories where God may have been there but you did not see Him? It was in writing these accounts for you, that I saw His Presence clearly—a long time before I could ever read that first Bible from Grandma.

****What is your earliest memory? How about sharing it!

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