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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

EOD Transitions: Attire, Conclusion

     “Hi, Sojourner, my name is Ronny. I like yellow, too.” Looking down at my dress, in stunned amazement, I was reminded that, yes indeed, it was yellow and he was looking at me. Where had he come from? I had not noticed him on the baseball field and had never thrown a football to him or anything that I remembered, anyway. Maybe he was in one of the other classes. Whatever, now he was talking to me and he liked the color of my dress. The funny thing is that it didn’t even occur to me to ask him if he had a football or wanted to throw a few pitches. Instead, I was speechless. I felt strangely tongue-tied. My mental processes were frantically running through my wardrobe-- Did I have anymore yellow in there?
     The change in how I saw boys actually began the summer before this, however. It had been the first summer I was old enough to join the school band. Every Thursday the band had a concert in the local community park so, at some point in the morning, we all carried our instruments and music stands over to the park to rehearse. I played the trombone and so did a blond-headed boy the same age as me. Since we shared the same music stand, he offered to carry it over for us. It felt nice to have him carry the stand and we talked all the way from the school to the park each Thursday. We didn’t really talk all that much otherwise, though I am not sure why that was; we just didn’t. He went to another elementary school so I would not see him again until the following summer but it was delightful to be noticed by him. Now, I was being noticed by Ronny; or, at least, my yellow dress was.
     I still played baseball at recess those last two years of elementary school but I don’t remember the dress-thing being as much of an issue, except when the weather was really cold. By the time I hit seventh grade, tennis was my sport and my football put away for good. I played only an occasional game of baseball. My transition to womanhood began that tenth year of life. Included in that transition of desired attire was the switching of my undershirt for the training bra. It would still be awhile before I really needed such a thing but, well, all the girls were getting them, so….
     As I have written earlier, the Bible says in Psalm 139 that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”, which does not just cover the physical aspects of our make-up. God has created us with transition in mind. Just as the union of the ovum and sperm begins the many transitions those cells will go through to produce that lovely, vibrant life in only nine months, God has created our emotional side to also pass through transitions both leading up to and continuing on through adult life. God had intended for some of those transitions, such as the very basic boy-girl relationship, to have time to go through the maturing and blossoming stages.  This would give each individual the time to work through the stresses of changing body and emotional make-up.  Transition time would allow one to find one’s own identity before joining it with another and “becoming one.”
     The issue of the dress code was one area where I could see I was changing towards the members of the opposite sex. Perhaps the School Board and my mother were right—if girls are dressed like girls, they will act like girls!” However, there are a lot of feminine outfits in today’s fashions that include pants so we no longer must wear a dress to look like a girl! Yippee!

****EOD Transitions: Soap Box… Coming Tomorrow

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