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Friday, December 2, 2011

Life 101 Answers to Questions

Question 1: Sojourner, what do the numbers in your titles this week mean?

Answer: Oh, sorry! I have lived so much of my life in and around academia that I forget not everyone in the world uses these numbers! In the American university curriculum catalogues numbers are used to designate the level of a course. For example, the first year student taking English would sign up for an English 101 course. The next year he would sign up for English 201, followed by English 301 the next year, etc. Perhaps, in his third year, he would also like to take a literature course. This one may be designated as English 324 or some such number. It would not be the 301 because that is always the basic grammar and composition type course in English. So, when I wrote Life 101 with titles after it, it meant the beginning level course in that subject with the specific subsection of study indicated as “Change” or “Truth”. I hope that helps clear it up a bit?

Question 2: How did your own first day of school compare to this day when your sister left for the first time? Do all American elementary schools have this Sibling Visitation Day?

Answer: To tell you the truth, I have not one single recollection of my own first day of school! I can recall events that occurred during the school year, such as the first school play, but that first day just did not make any impression on me. Guess it was not nearly as traumatic for me as this one!
     I do not know of any other school that has a visitation day for the siblings, though some might. I never saw such a special day even at this school again so I wonder if it wasn’t more the specific teacher who wanted to do it than a school practice, per se. Nevertheless, it is a great idea and I wish everyone had the opportunity I had had to visit before going there.

Question 3: Did you get to blow out the candles at Sunday School when your birthday came or had they, as you argued, stopped doing the birthday thing by then?

Answer: Again, if I did get to blow out the candles in April, it did not make enough of an impression on me to be able to tell you for certain that “yes” I did get to do it when it was my real turn. It is equally likely that my mother had completely forgotten about the incident by the time she should have told me it was now my birthday!

****Have a good weekend!

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