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Monday, October 10, 2011

How Old Is Old Enough (scene2)

I went about my day and only prayed at the "usual" times but otherwise did not bother the Almighty with extra chatter. I needed to give Him time to work on that bike. Throughout the rest of that day I made frequent trips back to the window and found myself playing in the backyard more than usual that day. I was surprised but not discouraged when it was already time for bed and no bike had appeared. I figured it would be something like at Christmas, the surprises arrived while we slept and I would see the bike when I woke up the next morning.

Early the following day I sprung up and crawled over my sleeping little sister to get to the window. There was the tree but where was the bike?! Okay, well, God was no Santa Clause so His timetable may be a bit different. He still had time. I would check later, though I was just beginning to get a little anxious over the whole thing.

By the end of the morning, the time was up… God had not come through with the bike. Back at the window, I knelt and sternly reminded the Creator of the universe what the consequences were … isolation from me. I would not be speaking to Him any longer. This was my last communication. BUT, should he decide to change His mind and put the bike there by the tree, well, I would forget about the missed deadline and we would be back on good grounds again. Slowly and mournfully I climbed down off the beds and headed outside to think things over. God would be missing me today, for sure.

…read about young sojourner's day tomorrow, if everything goes well with our internet.

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